About Us

Project Snapshot is an educational fellowship that gives Gen-Z the opportunity to shape the post-COVID-19 world from their perspective.


The remote experience answers a major need felt throughout the global student community, virtually connecting high school students to mentors in the university through their predefined areas of interest and provides a framework for college students to develop their skills in academia.


Conducted over the course of eight weeks, the program is filled with knowledge and projects that students will be able to take to university or to their professional careers depending on the stage of life they're in.

Our Story

The program started as an idea when founder Sebastien Chiu's (University of Colorado Denver, '19) post-graduate opportunities got canceled due to COVID-19.  After a LinkedIn post he made pitching the first draft of the initiative, it went viral. Recognizing the immediate need, he reached out to his old friend and now co-founder Mathew Kriese, to the flesh out what would become Project Snapshot.

Soon, the founding team would form comprised of students all across North America. Over six weeks, the students and recent graduates working in roles relating to their dream careers planned out the summer cohort. The 150 students brought into the program were given second chances since the majority also had their internships canceled or rescinded.  Due to the feedback, the program received the founding team decided to transition into the next steps of a sustainable, ongoing program that would be able to support students for the future.

Now, the program is supported by 25 student leaders and several advisors mentoring the team in their career fields. The next cohort launches in the middle of September.



These are our values that we live by as a team, and encourage the students in our program to do so as well. They accidentally spelled peace, and we decided there wasn't a better acronym than that.



The drive, energy, and positivity seen throughout our team and program itself is what defines us and our work. 



Equity between all defines our outlook on the work we do as a team and the experience of those going through the program itself.



We strive to make the program accessible to all no matter who you are, your location and will accommodate you however best we can to ensure you have a fantastic experience.


Challenge of the Status quo

As a group of students and recent grads, working remotely, coming from diverse backgrounds, we know we're entering an uncharted territory of education. Students of the program are shaping its future with what they put in, and get out.



Our program serves as a catalyst to start and continue building our own ideas by applying what they've learned. With a focus on social entrepreneurship, our goal is to create individuals who drive high impact for their local communities and world at large.


We empower, inspire and connect student leaders to their future careers.