Member Spotlight: Caitlin Wong

Partnership Development Manager Western University - Ontario Class of 2023

As Partnership Development Manager for Project Snapshot, Caitlin identifies and pursues potential partnerships with various organizations to work with the students in our program. Caitlin is a rising sophomore at Western University in Ontario where she studies Management and Organizational Studies. 

Caitlin first learned about Project Snapshot through her friend, and our Chief Human Resources Officer, Maggie Chen. “I told her about how I wanted to spend this summer working on COVID-19 relief support projects, and she recommended me to learn more about this ‘really cool project’ she's doing,” Caitlin said. 

After learning more about Project Snapshot, Caitlin was compelled to join the team. She said she enjoyed the idea of being involved in providing resources, opportunities and mentorship to students and “fostering groups of well-rounded, catalyzed, empowered leaders of tomorrow.” 

Caitlin has always been passionate about giving back to the community and being involved in non-profit work. She loves the opportunities Project Snapshot provides to not only students, but organizations impacted by COVID-19. “I think the fellowship is well-designed as it enables students to gain valuable learning and work experience during the 8-weeks - preparing them to excel in their respective fields post-pandemic.” 

Caitlin also loves working with the rest of the like-minded and driven individuals on the Project Snapshot team.

After graduating, Caitlin plans to pursue a career in finance. In her spare time, she enjoys going to cafes, trying new food, watching movies, travelling, going on hikes, and reading. 

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