Member Spotlight: Christi-Anne Weatherly

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Public Relations Advisor - Fall 2020

Public Relations Specialist - Summer 2020

University of Florida Class of 2020

Christi-Anne  joined Project Snapshot because she’s passionate about our goal, which is helping other students who have lost their internships and other professional opportunities during COVID-19. Christi herself lost her internship this summer (with Weber Shandwick in New York), so she especially resonates. Christi wants to create a community for Gen-Z to come together to share ideas, vent their frustrations with quarantine, and create something wonderful out of the cards they've been dealt.   

She’s previously worked as a Social Purpose intern at Edelman in New York and a Communications intern with the UF Office of Sustainability. Christi’s dream job is to work in account management or strategy for a public relations firm, specifically working with clients involved in corporate social responsibility. Christi has always been passionate about sustainability, social equity, and diversity and inclusion; and being able to incorporate that into my work is my dream. She loves the idea of taking information from an organization doing a lot of good and finding ways to make it more digestible to the general public, and hopefully make them want to get involved and support the cause.

Christi is from Orlando, Florida, but is a city girl at heart and would love to return to New York someday. 

When she’s not working, you can find her scrolling on TikTok until all hours of the night, reading (her friends and I have a virtual book club), or on Netflix watching All American

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