Member Spotlight: Daniel Lin

Research & Development Coordinator | Fall 2020

University of California, Los Angeles


Daniel is passionate about Project Snapshot's R&D program because of the professional and personal growth his own research experiences have given him! Daniel believes that, "the ability to explore your chosen profession in both quantitative and qualitative approaches is the best way to learn about your future professional aspirations. I love my role at Project Snapshot because I'm able to provide these experiences to more individuals, who will not just develop necessary skills for their future but also narrow in on what they're passionate about."

His future career plan right out of college is to become an analyst for a management consulting firm before getting his MBA. Ultimately, Daniel wants to either go into advertising strategy at a firm (i.e. Redscout), or go into corporate marketing for a digital entertainment company (i.e. Riot Games). In his spare time, Daniel also wants to write fiction novels since one of his childhood passions was writing!

Fun Fact:

Daniel's favorite country is Japan! He was actually supposed to study abroad in Japan in Spring 2020. However, the pandemic hit and instead of traveling abroad he ended up going home. Ultimately, he still plans on living in Japan at some point in the future!

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