Member Spotlight: Dominic Nguyen

UI/UX Designer Fall 2020

University of California, San Diego, Class of 2017


As someone who had direct mentorship and a community to talk to when going through a UI/UX bootcamp, Dominic saw huge benefits to his career growth, as he had other people supporting and guiding him during this process. Likewise, when he stumbled upon Project Snapshot he stated, "I loved its structure of being the conduit to linking students to mentors, peers, and projects. As I related to the group's understanding that exponential growth happens through collaboration and connection, I wanted to support the group's growth using the skillset I have--and UI/UX design is a fantastic way to build Project Snapshot's digital products in way where they can empower users and guide them to join the project."

Dominic's dream career would be to design for a company that's at the intersection of being active in supporting social causes, improving the visibility of underrepresented voices, and travel. (Or at the very least, get the opportunity to be heavily involved in these fields throughout his career!)

Fun Fact:

He sleeps less on the weekends than the weekdays because his body has a spectacular internal alarm clock that never lets him sleep in, despite how late he stays up!

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