Member Spotlight: Elaine Duong

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Events & Analytics Lead Fall 2020

Lead Research Specialist Summer 2020

California State University, Fullerton, Class of 2021

As summer opportunities and her chances at landing a summer internship were decreasing, Elaine wanted to make the most of her time and find ways to create a positive impact during all these challenges. “I’m passionate about closing the gap between students and their success which is exactly what Project Snapshot was providing for those all around the world.”

The biggest struggle she has faced was seeing internship descriptions that preferred "previous internship experience" but with Project Snapshot, “we are providing hands-on knowledge and skills that are applicable to any career.”

After spending hours on LinkedIn, Elaine came across Sebastien, our co-founder who wanted to get to know more students and leverage the LinkedIn platform. Through their initial conversation, they both expressed the need to do something more with what they could offer to others as well as what they could learn along the way. From that conversation, they’ve grown “to an incredible, hard-working team that is focused on the same goal of giving back to our communities through rough patches and coming out more resilient.”

Elaine has always been fascinated by the future and continuous innovation which sparked her interest in the tech industry and a career within digital marketing and analytics. Going into college, she wanted to enter the creative side of business, thus leading her to marketing and a year in, she took a Business Analytics course that was the catalyst to her increased interest in data analytics. With these topics combined, Elaine hopes to enter an industry that utilizes my Marketing and Information Systems background.

Elaine is grateful to be able to travel all around the world with her family and started documenting their trips and editing YouTube videos to look back on all the memories. She enjoys baking all kinds of desserts and pastries and has spent the past 4 years perfecting her own macaron recipe and technique. She also loves to go deep-sea fishing.

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