Member Spotlight: Jhansi Kurma

Data Analyst | Fall 2020

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Class of 2019


Being a student who graduated during the pandemic, Project Snapshot came forward and understood the struggles of students across North America, including herself. "The mission of the Project Snapshot itself is very empathetic and passionate and to be a part of such mission is amazing. I get to help students and graduates like me with the skills I possess - making an impact in unprecedented times!"

Jhansi's dream career is to be a data scientist. A future goal of hers is to be able to help people, and spread awareness on mental health with both soft and technical skills!

Fun Fact:

During the pandemic, she has started to incorporate more activities into her daily life like cooking (cooked almost everything except baking pastries and cakes), restarting her blog, dancing, jogging, reading, playing badminton and catching up all shows/movies on Netflix!

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