Member Spotlight: Josephine Reyes

UI/UX Designer

University of California, San Diego, Class of 2020

Josephine joined Project Snapshot because she wanted to provide a resource to students who, like her, felt lost in the face of COVID-19. She loves working with students and wanted to continue the work she did in various other student organizations in her professional life. It is extremely important to her to provide access to opportunities and resources to others who may be in need of them.“This initiative has been an amazing experience so far and I can't wait to see what else can be accomplished,” Josephine said. 

Project Snapshot came into her life through LinkedIn, and she’s been grateful ever since. She also wished that she had utilized LinkedIn more when she was in her freshman year of undergrad because she now sees its immense value. The minute she saw the Project Snapshot team applications, she knew it was something she wanted to be a part of.

For her dream job, she would love to be a social media manager or a user interface (UI) designer! However, she does hope to have an agency of her own one day that focuses on her passions: design and marketing. 

Josephine loves playing video games in her free time and she’s looking into streaming sometime soon. She likes to play Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, or the Forest; but Minecraft is a game that will never get old for her.

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