Member Spotlight: Krista Lopez

Human Resources Specialist, Learning & Development

California State University, Sacramento 2019

Krista’s previous internship with the Sacramento Kings ended early due to COVID-19. With millions of people out of a job including herself, she was struggling to figure out creative ways to stand out of the talent pool. Luckily through the power of LinkedIn, Sebastian Chiu reached out to her about an idea he had to create a program to help students, and young professionals like herself create their own opportunities and tangible work experiences that would also work to serve a greater purpose. Now at Project Snapshot, Krista is working towards her passions by building a diverse and inclusive organization and community that champions change alongside our team. “I'm hoping that this project inspires others and helps me develop meaningful connections.”

Krista had just started posting and being more active on LinkedIn after taking a workshop about how important it is to promote your personal brand. Sebastien found her through her posts. “I guess he liked my ideas and past experience and thought I would be a good fit to help make his idea come to life!”

Her dream job would be in Recruitment Marketing. Instead of promoting a product, she would communicate and promote a company's culture, values, and employer value proposition through recruiting and diversity events and partnerships in order to attract diverse talent. Krista loves the idea of being an ambassador for an amazing organization and being able to be a more visible role as a part of the HR team. “A lot of people think of HR as someone you see on your first day, when you have issues, and on your last day. I want to change that perception and be one of the main reasons that people love where they work!”

Krista is a wedding assistant for FairyTales on a Budget on the weekends. She loves having a creative outlet outside of a normal 8-5 job. She is also a committee member for the Filipino American Youth Leadership Conference where they discuss and educate middle school to high school students on important issues that the Fil-Am Youth currently face today. Krista also loves getting her nails done and is currently learning how to do her own nails during this quarantine. 

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