Member Spotlight: Natalie Hahn

Ambassador Coordinator | Fall 2020

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Class of 2021


Natalie has been following along Project Snapshot from our beginning as a startup initiative, to the completion of our first cohort! When asked why she is passionate about the organization, and she responded, "Being able to participate in this program has caused my love and passion for mentorship to propel to new heights, so much so that I wanted to see where I could help take it next by becoming a leader in the organization!" In her role as one of our Ambassador Coordinators, Natalie brings her past experience as a SWE Section President, SWE Society Coordinator, and COO to the table in order to help us launch the Ambassador program with a bang!

Her future ambition is to design and build the next elite military fighter jet to help protect the United States.

Fun Facts:

1. Natalie is a huge fan of anime.

2. She also spends time working with painting.

3. You will always see her with headphones on!


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