Member Spotlight: Rosaline Leung

LinkedIn Platform Coordinator Fall 2020

University of British Columbia, Class of 2021


When asked why she was passionate about Project Snapshot, Rosaline said, "I have high hopes for what Project Snapshot can do for youth everywhere, and as Linkedin Platform Coordinator I hope that I can help make that dream more real." She loves writing and marketing, so she's excited to contribute to our mission as a platform coordinator!

Rosaline's plans for the future involve pursuing a degree in English/Political Science so that she can get a job in the government! "I feel that through this career I will be able to use my passion for social justice & ethics to positively influence our society." Although she might not be taking as bold a role as running for Prime Minister/President, she believes that a "behind the scenes" role would still be an amazing opportunity.

Fun Facts:

1. She plays games (Valorant, League, Overwatch, TFT, etc...)

2. She love windsurfing & sailing

3. She's 5'2"!

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