Member Spotlight: Sebastien Chiu

Co-Founder and President

University of Colorado Denver, Class of 2020

Like many students around the world, Sebastien’s post-graduate plans were rescinded when COVID-19 hit. He thought he was going to Los Angeles to follow his passions in publicity and the entertainment industry. 

But life had other plans, and before he knew it, he was back home and unsure of what to do next. 

He took to LinkedIn, rebuilt his confidence through his mentors, and left his comfort zone learning how to network in the digital age “by just doing it.” 

During this time, Sebastien felt an unexpected solace in the realization that there were many others in much worse situations than him. In making countless phone calls in the weeks that followed, he met students who shared their emotions and feelings of confusion. 

A lightbulb appeared, and Sebastien realized that he and the students he had met could not only have their dream roles, but create a program that would provide the lost opportunity to others. What he didn’t realize was just how much traction this one idea would get. And so became Project Snapshot.

Star Wars has had a dramatic effect on Sebastien’s life, far beyond just being a movie. The behind-the-scenes look he got of The Force Awakens in the months leading up to the release of the movie helped him discover his love for film production. He gave his time through the work at the 501st Legion supporting organizations like Make A Wish, where he and other members dressed as Star Wars characters and visited children in the hospital. 

He says this allowed him to discover his career in public relations and social media through leadership roles. “Through that community, I was able to find ‘my people,’ and many have become closer to family than friends.” Sebastien hopes to one day support Lucasfilm and Disney in the future on Star Wars with a role that would allow him to have his experiences and passions come full circle. 

Sebastien loves high-end audio, sneakers, photography, and is a self-proclaimed “boba enthusiast.” Outside of work, you can find him at the gym, biking or finding the latest eats.

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