Member Spotlight: Shakil Delowar

Instagram Platform Coordinator | Fall 2020

Baruch College, Class of 2021


Shakil is Project Snapshot's first Instagram Platform Coordinator! The role itself was born from a need to focus on building and retaining our community through the various social channels we exist on. In this role, Shakil is excited to assist Project Snapshot in reaching a wider audience base, and to help struggling students make their dream a reality.

In the future, he hopes to work as a Product Manager at Google, and eventually also open up his own restaurant! As of right now, he can definitely picture his restaurant being a ramen shop.

Fun Facts:

1. During the pandemic, he has spent his time learning Korean, coding, and playing a lot of video games

2. Some of his hobbies includes jogging, reading, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. 3. His high school Ultimate Frisbee team was the best in the state!

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