Member Spotlight: Umeesha D’ Alwis

Legal Specialist

Pepperdine University Class of 2022

Umeesha is passionate about Project Snapshot because it provides students with more opportunities that they can't find elsewhere. As a first-generation immigrant and student, Umeesha knows what it is like to have a lot to offer but nowhere to offer it to, so she is excited to work for Project Snapshot to provide others like herself with the chances they need.

Project Snapshot found her on LinkedIn, after she posted a Graphic Design Cheat Sheet. “Weird, right?” Even though she is all-things Legal, she definitely loves to show her creative side. “I get to intertwine my analytical and creative side to contribute to Project Snapshot as best as I can.”

Umeesha absolutely loves makeup and she is also a huge documentary fanatic. “I think that goes to prove how different my creative and analytical sides are!”

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