Member Spotlight: Vivian Tan

Youth Leadership Lead RC Palmer Secondary Class of 2022 Vivian Tan is the Youth Leadership Lead for Project Snapshot. In this role, she runs the mentorship program, and ensures that all of our mentees are getting the most out of their 8-week experience - and beyond. Vivian recognized how difficult it can be for students to transition to post-secondary life. She wanted to develop a program that goes above and beyond for these students to gain the leadership skills necessary to successfully make that transition. 

She joined Project Snapshot because of her initial passion for empowering others and volunteering. “During this uncertain time, those affected by COVID-19, whether indirectly or directly, need support,” Vivian said. She loves the friendly and collaborative work environment that helps her gain the skills and experiences needed to lead a program to make a positive impact. She also knew she wanted to make a lasting impact in the community.

Vivian heard about Project Snapshot through its founder, Sebastien. She initially applied because it seemed like fun, but she quickly learned that it was also inspiring to take action to help others in need. “In all, I would say that building and growing Project Snapshot is a journey that I will not forget,” Vivian said. 

A rising junior at RC Palmer Secondary, Vivian wants to pursue business. She’s also interested in becoming a life coach and a public speaker. 

Vivian has also founded a youth-led organization called YOUth of BC, and she has given three TEDx talks.

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