Member Spotlight: Zay Ya Min Yin

Graphic Designer & Data Analyst

University of Buffalo, Class of 2022

Zay initially applied to Project Snapshot as an intern because he wanted to work on a remote project with a team over the summer. He was then given the opportunity to join the leadership team, which has been equally fulfilling, and one of the most impactful professional experiences he has had throughout his collegiate career. He is passionate about this project because he is able to help those whose internships and jobs were rescinded due to the COVID-19 crisis.

He heard about Project Snapshot through Sebastien’s LinkedIn post about this opportunity and as a go-getter, he decided to apply.

He is currently studying Information Technology and Management with a Computer Science minor, and his dream career is to become a data scientist. His professional portfolio revolves around analyzing business and product related datasets to identify trends and patterns, and visualize them so that companies can make more informed strategies and decisions. He is also passionate about visual design, infographics, and freelance data science projects.

His hobby is simple: graphic design. He designs logos, illustrations and other forms of digital art during his free time. 

Zay loves unwinding by taking walks in nature. He is also a big fan of classic sitcoms like Big Bang Theory, Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

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