At Project Snapshot, we have four programs: mentorship, R&D, case competition, and ambassadors.


The Mentorship program is a FREE 8 week program that pairs high school mentees with post-secondary mentors based on their personal + professional interests, as well as geographical location. This is designed to help prepare high school students for the PS (Post-Secondary) life, and for mentees to have a support system where the mentor shares their skills, experiences and expertise.


Mentors typically are in post-secondary education/recent post-grads, while mentees are typically in grades 8-12.

Research & Development

The Research & Development Program at Project Snapshot is a comprehensive FREE 8-week program that provides you with an opportunity to conduct research focused on your respective career field of interest! You will learn more about Project Snapshot's internal functions, develop recommendations, and improve our company through your research and analytics!

Participants typically are in the last 2 years of secondary school, currently studying for a Bachelor's, or recently graduated with a Bachelor's.

Case Competitions

Our extensive 2-week Case Competition is for students to apply and demonstrate their ability to solve real world problems and present solutions and recommendations to key business professionals. Our goal is to empower you with the necessary skills and tools to succeed in your career and university growth.

Participants typically are currently enrolled at a university (Freshman - Senior) and in a Business related major and/or have an interest in Business field.


As a Project Snapshot Ambassador, you represent the Project Snapshot brand! You will have the unique opportunity of working closely with the founders and our managers to strengthen brand awareness and culture.

Participants typically are in the last two years of their secondary education or in post-secondary education.

Fall 2020 Cohort

These are the amazing people that make up our programs.









Khadija B. Ezinne I. Ella K. Simran S. Prakrati K. Caitlyn W. Priya C. Saanvi C. Selvi A. Cathy Y. Nicole E. Sriya G. Gicel V. Madhura K. Emily L. Alizah I. Michelle C. Josephine K. Shivam G. Phyllis C. Alex L. Aneesha N. Siddharth S. Gracie G. Serenity B. Jil S. Zoya N. Darryl L. Erika R. Ryan A. Amel S. Samantha Q. Olivia C. Joaquín S. Lauren W. Aditi J. Annliya G. Rachel C. Alejandra M. Michelle F. Tiffany Y. Julia Z. Neetu R. Savannah H. Siima M. Ella U. Matthew K. Wilford A. Mazin M. Zamir W. Mahika P. Mahalaxmi S. Ermina F. Anna D. Randeep S. Justin T. Maliha B. Melody P. Aditi B. Aya B. Alvina A. Anissa M. Aiswarya S. Alice C. Mohammad H. Rachelle G. Hanna J. Shobhitha B.  Aleeza Y. Emahnee C. Alicia J. Fatima F. Kamaldeep D. Neet S. Veer D. Victor H. Ivan C. Armaan K. Denise L. Tray H. Mahi R. Patricia M. Arunima G. Brandon Y. Sarah R. Jishnu T. Yuan L. Nouwell A. Muhammad A. Melody S. Samantha M. Sama H. Precious N. Prerana M. Lynelle R. Nolan S. Samantha K. Reesha G. Christina C. Syna S. Rachel S. Hannah G.  Sandy C. Samanda Q. Shuting Z. Matthew W. Christine N. Fialeta M. Therese C. Natalie S. Harshini S. Dona M. Ryan M. Jessica B. Shreen S. Sanjana M. Charlotte L. Thao N. Alice N. Rina T. Serena D.  Alondra T. Ryan A. Heidi Z. Kelly K. Ektha B. David V. Dionne R.  Lia I. Kevin O. Jane W. Amberly W. Lauren L. Chrissy S. Elaine D. Florence Z. Yongyi L. Sreejani J. Sierra L. Emily C. Leo T. Mike D. Sonnet X. Donna P. Alicia W. Lakshay G. Rebecca W. Youssef R. Dan N. Tanaaz S. Meklit A. Sean A. Keith B. Samantha F. Juliet Q. Serenity B. Marjorie U. Leilani T. Annelise E. Unica L. Prakrati K. Ryan C. Kseniia B. Maggie G. Daniel L. Gloria W. Maria Y. Katie L. Apoorva K. Phil D. Britney V. Jamal G. Leilani L. Tatum T. Minna C. Ashlyn C. Laylah C. Jessie C. Jessie Y. Sanskriti B. Coco Z. Anmar J. Parnika S. Michelle M. Maya S. Margit H. Sofie L. Angelina K. Agha H. Hana B. Ivy T. Devika R. Emily L. Sandra J. Soneni B. Jonathan D. Omar A. Victoria R. Grace X. Natasha M. Jeff L. Karen H. Mike D. Grace C. Iris Z. Shawn K. Vi D. Maelanny A. Emma M. Tristen J. Hannah I. Julea W. Sophie L. Ally D. Cameron G. Himanshu S. Neha D. Victoria H. Chloe S. Lindsay C. Amy W. Karen Y. Kobe R. Baklina C. Patricio L. Elijah T. Kaylee Y. Vanni L. Amit R. Veronica L. Rebecca T. Fares M. Andrew Z. Allan M. Brian L. Ridhi K. K. Jhansi N. Amber T. Alice Z. Josephine R. Stephanie W. Kelot W. Ivy C. Sebastien C. Zeynep Sude A. Naomi L. Shakil D. Dannhi N. Kathy W. Nathaniel D. Brooke H. Valerie C. Srishti S. Ritika S. Macy J. Patricia M. Elizabeth Z. Bernice O. Martina K. Rebecca Y. Imran S. Sam D.  Kevin M. Nicole S. Hassan R. Gary P. Samuel Y. Adil S. Kirsten S. Ritwik K. Leslie L. Jeylan J. Ravneet S. Atharva K. William F. Sania M. Levi B. Ofonime B. Kate G. Pratibha S. Rithwik K. Gurbaz S. Hannah S. Aalokita R. Armaan M. Ashumi D. Lily N. Meghana V. Selina L. Megan L. Nancy D. Chinmayi B. Cameron L. Christie L. Natalie H.  Dina L.


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